Gina McNamara

Gina joined GRC after moving to Washington DC for work. Her pre-GRC tenure was spent at the University of Michigan, where Gina was 5X Big-Ten finalist in the 800M for the Wolverines. She has since expanded her range to include everything from road miles to the 5K, while occasionally dabbling in 6K cross country races. Gina hopes to set new personal bests in the 1500 – 5K in the near future under Coach Jerry’s training programs. When not running, Gina enjoys exploring the local coffee scene and traveling to new places. 

Personal Bests:
600M – 1:31
800M – 2:04.41
1000M – 2:45.27
1500M – 4:12.64
Mile (road) – 4:29.0
Mile (track) – 4:39.6
​3K – 9:54
5K (track) – 16:34.16
5K (road) – 16:48
8K (road) – 28:17
13.1 – 1:20:12