Joe LoRusso

Joe started running as punishment when his middle school soccer team lost. As a freshman in high school he ran cross country to get in shape for soccer (which is a spring sport in his native Virginia), and after being one of the best freshmen in the state, he chose to stick with running all year. That choice paid off, because as a senior he won the state championship in both the indoor and outdoor mile, running an excellent 4:13 outdoors. Joe ran four years at Villanova, and one year as a graduate student at William and Mary, but his college career was injury-plagued, and he intends to improve on his collegiate PRs. After a couple of years training on his own, Joe joined GRC in order to have a coach and teammates to hold him accountable.

Personal Bests:
1000: 2:27
Mile: 4:06.5
3k: 8:22.39i
5k: 14:21.92
8k XC: 24:42