Sean O’Leary

Sean’s racing career initially experienced a failure-to-launch following a request to quit soccer in the 2nd grade. According to legend, the sole reason given was that soccer entails “too much running”. Thankfully, chasing after a girl led Sean to join the cross country team at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, MD, and under the tutelage of Tom Martin, Sean helped lead his team to numerous state titles.

Sean continued his running at the University of Maryland. His childhood goal was to play basketball for Gary Williams’ Terps, but apparently 5’10” isn’t tall enough to ride the bench. Unfortunately, Sean’s time in College Park was marred by setbacks, so GRC provides a supportive environment that allows Sean to make up for lost time.

Outside of running, Sean works in advertising sales at WeddingWire and plays a mean bass guitar. Coach Jerry has erroneously dubbed Sean as the “most famous runner in Montgomery County history”. For the record, he is NOT the most famous runner in Montgomery County history, not by a longshot.

Personal Bests:
800m – 1:56
1500m – 4:00
3000m – 8:39
5000m – 15:00
8000m – 24:58
10 miles – 52:42
13.1 miles – 1:11:51
26.2 miles – 2:33:24