Stephanie Berger

Stephanie started her running career in elementary school outrunning all the boys on the playground. She joined the track team and, ever one for a challenge, dedicated herself to the art of hurdling for a few years. Her crowning glory with hurdles was the roar of the crowd in one pivotal race. The crowd roared—not because she dusted the competition. Rather, the crowd took to its feet when Stephanie crossed the finished line long after the other competitors had finished, despite falling twice in one 100m hurdle race.  Stephanie was begrudgingly convinced that she should run cross country because if she tripped over a root in the woods the crowd would be less likely to notice. Stephanie went on to run at the University of South Carolina and Georgia State University. Stephanie works as an international trade analyst at the Department of Commerce.

Personal Bests
4:38 – 1500
5:04 – 1600
9:48 – 3000
17:30 – 5000
38:09 – 10k